Everyone Can Use a Little Turf In Their Lives

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Everyone Can Use a Little Turf In Their Lives. 

Do it Yourself or We can do it for you

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Outdoor & Indoor Applications   

Your friends will be pleasantly surprised that it is artificial synthetic turf

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   Welcome to Diyturfs, we are a Alternative Landscaping Company      

We are your fake grass experts for outdoor and indoor. Are you frustrated with your Lawn,Putting Skills,Muddy Paws,Muddy Feet. We have the Solution !!!

We are a Alternative to Traditional Landscaping. We have more than 15 years of experience in providing Artificial Synthetic Turf Grass for Outdoor and Indoor applications. With our Everlasting Turf products. Diy Putting Green for your Dream Golf Paradise. K9-Turf for Dogs, Play Time Turf for Child Play Areas, Sports Play Turf for soccer, sports fields, football, baseball, batting cages.  Balcony Turf for Urban Areas rooftops, apartments with balconies , patios, condo's etc. Its great for  indoor applications. Never worry about wet carpet again. The turf is a no brainier for basement floors and man caves. At Alternative Landscaping you will discover many ways to use synthetic turf.

We have a Variety of Everlasting Turf Products Designed for Multiple Types of Turf Applications:

DiyPuttingGreen : Build your own Golf Paradise.

DiyLawnTurf : Perfect for anywhere there is real grass. Looks & Feels Unbelievable Real !!!

PlayTimeTurf: Is great for many applications, Playground, Child Care.

DiyK9turf : Small Dog Runs, Commercial Dog Kennels, Residential Lawns, K-9 Potty, Dog Crates.

DiyBalconyTurf : Urban City Life, Balcony, Patio, Terrace, Sky Rise Buildings and Rooftops

SportsPlayTurf: What Ever Your Sport We have It, Soccer, Baseball, Football Great for Full size Fields and Small practice areas

Our Mission: is to help or clients save money by doing it themselves. We look forward to providing some earth friendly, clean and safe 100% recyclable turf. And best of all you can do it yourself and save money.

We have the experience to consult you in a do it yourself turf project. Installing turf is much easier today than in the past, Instead of abrasive rock foundations of the past, now you can prepare your foundation using snap together panels. Its so easy even a eight grader can do it !!! See and Learn How to "DIY" on our Foundation Solutions Page.

Of course if you prefer us to do a complete installation for you, it would be an honor. We take pride in what we do and each project we treat as if it was our own. Your property is a blank canvas that is soon to transform into a work of usable art and create a lifetime of memories.Our turf looks unbelievable real and also feels real, so you have a choice now. You can say no to mowing your lawn along with no more watering and harsh chemicals being added to your lawn.


Hi My Name is Jerry Coleman the Turf Guru Founder of Alternative Landscaping

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